• NGC is rapidly developing, gradually internationalizing, and diversifying. Working in such an enterprise makes me ambitious every day. I’m very proud that the components we manufacture are sent with gearboxes to their destinations around the world and then installed at wind farms which transport green energy to thousands of households.

    Production Manager
    Wei Yongqiang
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  • To provide clients with better power transmission solutions as an R&D manager has always been my goal. My greatest satisfaction comes from my products being able to create greater value for more global clients. In a innovative team, I am full of passion. To lead the market through technology & to win trust with sincerity, you must get more with your heart!

    R&D Manager
    Ma Maosheng
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  • Every day I spend at NGC is a fulfilling one, and I feel both proud and privileged to be able to contribute to the company's progress. I feel very fortunate to be developing and growing professionally as part of a diverse group of individuals in an international team. The positive corporate culture motivates me to face challenges while constantly improving myself, and it helps me gain fulfillment in life through a sincere work ethic.

    Senior R&D Engineer
    Qi Song
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  • Life is not just about the greatness of your achievements, but rather about whether or not you strove to achieve self-fulfillment. For me, it is the willingness to undertake responsibilities, to contribute more, to seize the day and outperform my own expectations. The secret to achieving success and respect is through enjoying and honing your craft throughout your life.

    Assembly Senior Technician
    Jiang Houman
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